Run #1480: 4th July (almost) run

Commemorating American Independence Day, the 4th July (almost) run is on Saturday 2 July. Hares are listed as Freedom Fries, Vomiteer & Bashful Bladder.

YH3USA01There will be Hash tank tops (if they get printed in time) and other surprises along the way. The On On is immediately following the Hash, and in the same location as the circle.

There will be NO commemoration of what some folks have declared “British Independence Day”. There may be some celebrations/commiserations for the illegitimate Australians who get to vote on Saturday – will they get their 6th Prime Minister in 6 years?

Join us for “Idiotspendence Day” to celebrate with the Americans, claim a tank top and drink beer.

Meet at the usual place and time:

  • 2.30pm, Saturday 2 July
  • @ the carpark opposite the University of Yangon gates on University Avenue Road (between Pyay & Inya Rds)

There’s also a post from the Hares (Adeana, Billy & Robert) if you’re a member of YH3 on Facebook:

On on