Run #1485: Belgian Cocklets Run (6 Aug)

The Belgian Cocklets run is on Saturday 6 August. Box of Cocklets will be ably (??) co-hared by Bushy & Little Boy.

Meet at the usual time and place:

The run will be in and around Banbwegon Township, an area with a big pagoda, a floating pagoda, lake, mud, buffaloes, rice fields, goats, etc – you get the picture. A pretty picturesque spot away from the railway lines, main roads and traffic of Yangon.

The run starts at a place christened by YH3 as Maiden’s Little Bush (though you probably won’t be able to see the sign from the road). It’s the place of the Bushy, Iron Maiden & Little Boy run (Run #1469) back in April.

Directions to Point A for those who live over that way (otherwise, see you at the usual meeting place, outlined above, at 2.30pm):

The start will be at the lake on the right side of the road in Banbwegon Township, at a place we named Maiden’s Little Bush at one of the previous runs.

After the Thanlyin bridge go straight. At the fork in front of the big pagoda, follow left, on the road towards the floating pagoda.

Go straight and pass the Thanlyin Technical University, then straight at the intersection with the road to Thilawa.

A bit further down will be a lake on your right. The start is inside the gated entrance (staff will be around to unlock/open the gate), at the place christened Maiden’s Little Bush.

See attached maps (maps supplied by the Hare – no responsibility for their accuracy is taken by YH3)

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